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Title: The Ocean City NJ Boardwalk: Two-and-a-Half Miles of Summer, Author: Dean Davis
Title: Wildwood Moments: New Jersey's Beloved Boardwalk, Author: Dean Davis
Title: A Sketch of the Life of Rev. Joseph Hardy Neesima, Author: Jerome Dean Davis
Title: The Wars of Rosie: Hard Knocks, Endurance, and the 'George Davis is Innocent' Campaign, Author: Rose Dean-Davis
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Title: The Pigeon Man's Dream, Author: Dean Davis
Title: Through the Eyes of the Ancients, Author: DR. R. Dean Davis
Title: The Great End Time Debate: Issues, Options, and Amillennial Answers, Author: Dean Davis
Title: In Search of the Golden Strand, Author: Dean Davis
Title: Winding Through Leland: An Architectural Guidebook to Leland's National Register Historic District, Author: Leland Historic Foundation