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Title: Your Body Speaks Your Mind: Decoding the Emotional, Psychological, and Spiritual Messages That Underlie Illness, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: Way Ahead: A Visionary Perspective for the New Millenium, Author: Eddie Shapiro
Title: The Metamorphic Technique: Principles and Practice, Author: Gaston Saint-Pierre
Title: Clear Mind, Open Heart: Healing Yourself, Your Relationship, and the Planet, Author: Eddie Shapiro
Title: Body-Mind Workbook: Exploring How the Mind and the Body Work Together, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: Women Talk : Jewish Women Around the World Speak About Their Lives, Challenges, and Accomplishments, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: Out of Your Mind: The Only Place to Be!, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: Broadway & Hollywood Legends: The Songwriters - Charles Strouse & Arthur Schwartz
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Title: Bridging the Golden Gate: Tories of Growth and Inspiration, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: The Metamorphic Technique, Author: Gaston Saint-Pierre
Title: La conexion cuerpo mente: Descubra el origen psicologico de sus dolencias y como hacer mas sana su vida, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: Healing Mind, Healing Body: Explaining How the Mind and Body Work Together, Author: Debbie Shapiro
Title: Peace within the Stillness: Relaxation and Meditation for True Happiness, Author: Eddie Shapiro
Title: Meditation: A Book and CD Gift Set: The Four-Step Course To Calmness and Clarity, Author: Deb Shapiro