Title: Their Secretary, Author: TL Reeve
Title: The Duke and the Virgin, Author: Dominique Eastwick
Title: Imperfect Mate, Author: Lia Davis
Title: Marine with Benefits, Author: Heather Long
Title: The Gift, Author: V.S. Morgan
Title: Sam's Temptation, Author: V.S. Morgan
Title: The Bodyguard and the Dom, Author: TL Reeve
Title: Wolf in Winter Clothing, Author: Heather Long
Title: Missing Maren, Author: Melissa McTernan
Title: Forever Bound (1Night Stand), Author: Stacey Kennedy
Title: What a Wolf Wants (Werewolf Shifter Romance), Author: Heather Long
Title: Scent of Madness (Black Hills Wolves #40), Author: Heather Long
Title: Seducing Helena, Author: Ann Mayburn
Title: Catch Me (Love Thieves #1), Author: Heather Long
Title: Jared's Family, Author: V.S. Morgan
Title: Rebel's Claw, Author: Afton Locke
Title: Silk and Scars (A Victorian Romance), Author: Cassandra Dean
Title: The Perfect Sub, Author: Jayson Locke
Title: Saving the Date, Author: 'Nathan Burgoine
Title: When Hell Freezes (Werewolf Shifter Romance), Author: Rebecca Royce

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