Title: Recon 701: A story of Resiliency, Brotherhood, and Triumph, as told by the troopers of G/10 CAV, Author: Desmond V. Bailey
Title: Roadcuts Through The Heart: A Georgia Memoir, Author: Jim Weddell
Title: The Fuzzbox Diaries: the blessings and bruises of a journeyman guitarist, Author: Jeffrey  Lee Campbell
Title: It Don't Mean Nothin': Memories from Vietnam in Country, 1968-1969, Author: Eric L. Shelly
Title: Soldiers Steadfast and Loyal: Medal of Honor and Distinguished Service Cross Recipients of the 4th Division in World War One, Author: Michael D. Belis
Title: Murderers, Madmen & Lunatics, Author: David Crowe
Title: Saber Down: A Marine Raider Thriller, Author: Harrison Kone
Title: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital From Angel Investors, Author: Tarby Bryant
Title: The Dressage Chronicles, Author: Karen McGoldrick
Title: Out Of Sight Out Of Mind: A Madman's Journal, Author: Michael J Harrison
Title: For God and Country, Author: Edwin Ahl
Title: New Mountain Man, Author: Beaumont R. Hagebak
Title: Legs Astride the World, Author: Mary Susan Heath
Title: The Hand, Author: Koi Shif
Title: Never Argue With An Insane Woman, Author: charly s.
Title: The Right Girl for the Job: Book III of The Dressage Chronicles, Author: Karen McGoldrick
Title: Every Life Tells a Story, Author: Kathy G. Widener
Title: Unpacking Yesterday: Brotherhood's Legacy, Author: Elizabeth Rieman
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Title: The Last 100 Yards: How the Infantry Projects Power & Strength Around the Globe, Author: Ed DeVos
Title: The Rubik Memorandum, Author: Jeremy Logan

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