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Title: Murderers, Madmen & Lunatics, Author: David Crowe
Title: Recon 701: A story of Resiliency, Brotherhood, and Triumph, as told by the troopers of G/10 CAV, Author: Desmond V. Bailey
Title: The Entrepreneur's Guide to Raising Capital From Angel Investors, Author: Tarby Bryant
Title: I'm Ready to Talk: Vietnam Vets Preserve Their Stories, Author: Robert O. Babcock
Title: I'm Ready To Talk Two, Author: Robert O. Babcock
Title: Roadcuts Through The Heart: A Georgia Memoir, Author: Jim Weddell
Title: The Last 100 Yards: How the Infantry Projects Power & Strength Around the Globe, Author: Ed DeVos
Title: Negative Space, Author: Donald Jordan
Title: A Praying Man, Author: Harmon Snipes
Title: Paper Tigers, Author: Lou Aguilar
Title: A Matter of Feel: Book II of The Dressage Chronicles, Author: Karen McGoldrick
Title: War Stories Volume II: Paris to VE Day, Author: Robert Babcock
Title: America's Been Good to Me, Author: Hermann Gammeter
Title: Artful Deception, Author: Peggy Spear
Title: Legs Astride the World, Author: Mary Susan Heath
Title: New Mountain Man, Author: Beaumont R. Hagebak
Title: Gettin' By: Chasing the American Dream, Author: Gil Andrews
Title: Unpacking Yesterday: Brotherhood's Legacy, Author: Elizabeth Rieman
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Title: Moving To A New Military Base, Author: Randy Lefebvre
Title: Grenada Grinder, Author: Michael J. Couvillon

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