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Title: The Line of Succession, Author: Harry F. Rey
#1 in Series
Title: When Things Happen Together, Author: Jordan Clayden-Lewis
Title: Something More, Author: Carla Atherstone
#2 in Series
Title: Power To Love, Author: J. Margot Critch
#1 in Series
Title: Thong of Thongs: 69 Sexy Jewish Stories, Author: Kitty Knish
Title: The Shocking Adventures of Jewish Lightning #2 The Roaring Tushies, Author: Kitty Knish
#2 in Series
Title: All The Lovers, Author: Harry F. Rey
Title: Symphony for Connor, Author: Shane Ulrrein
Title: My Boyfriend's Teen Son, Author: Marco May
Title: The Adventures of Neela, Author: C.S. Keene
#1 in Series
Title: Eye of the Beholder, Author: J. Margot Critch
Title: Wolf Heart, Author: Dorian Flynn
Title: Love Knot, Author: Tim Bartholomew
#2 in Series
Title: Heathens, Author: Britt Collins
Title: Kinksters at Play, Author: Sonni de Soto
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Title: These Loving Lies, Author: Patricia Pellicane
Title: The Demon Design, Author: Dorian Flynn
#1 in Series
Title: Unshackled, Author: Rachael Stewart
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Title: What Goes On Tour, Author: Gemma Stone
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Title: The Good Sister, Author: Rachael Stewart

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