Title: Struck: The Lightning Project, Author: Victoria Kinnaird
Title: Young King Arthur And The Round Table Knights, Author: Siryn Sueng
Title: A Gay Polyester High School Romance 2, Author: S.W. Ballenger
Title: A Gay Polyester High School Romance, Author: S.W. Ballenger
Title: Pieces of My Life, Author: Chris Bedell
Title: Drag Queens, Emo Teens & Big Dreams, Author: Dylan James
Title: The Mixtape to My Life, Author: Jake Martinez
Title: Gerald Ribbon and the Bird In His Brain, Author: Maxwell Bauman
Title: The Killing Spell, Author: Shane Ulrrein
Title: Gay Love and Other Christmas Magic, Author: Dylan James
Title: Frankenstein Builds a Boyfriend, Author: Dylan James
1 in Series
Title: Squishy Crushy Something, Author: Kieran Frank
Title: L.I.F.E., Author: Felyx Lawson
1 in Series
Title: Thunder, Author: Dylan James
Title: Deathly Desires, Author: Chris Bedell
Title: Dying Before Living, Author: Chris Bedell
Title: I Was A Gay Teenage Zombie, Author: Alison Cybe
Title: I'll See You Again, Author: Chris Bedell
Title: Gay Love and Other Fairy Tales, Author: Dylan James