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Title: The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, Author: Gary Wayne
Title: Maximize!: Leveraging the Strengths of Your Small Church Author: Ron Klassen, Author: Ron Klassen
Title: Who Told You That?: Seeking Truth in a World of Deception, Author: Laurie Etta Neill
Title: The Softer Side of Leadership: Essential Soft Skills That Transform Leaders and the People They Lead, Author: Eugene B. Habecker PhD
Title: Goodbye for Now: Practical Help and Personal Hope for Those Who Grieve, Author: Welby O'Brien
Title: Crazy Church Ladies: The Priceless Story of an Unlikely Group Winning the War Against Trafficking, Author: Gwen Adams
Title: Rethinking Rest: Why Our Approach to Sabbath Isn't Working, Author: Gregory D. Hall
Title: And Then There Was One: An Emotionally Raw Journey Through Spousal Grief, Author: Mary Echols
Title: Biblical Economic Policy: Ten Scriptural Truths for Fiscal and Monetary Decision-Making, Author: David Arnott
Title: Last Adam: Stories of Love's Redemptive Power, Author: Sage C. McCullough
Title: The Best Is Yet to Come: Sermons Reflecting the Gift of Grace, Author: Walt Gerber
Title: When We Were Young: A Novel, Author: Jonathan Troll
Title: Changing the Landscape of Eternity: Transforming Believers into Disciples, Author: John L. Thompson
Title: Spiritual Nutrition, Author: Christine Prescott
Title: Thorns and Roses of Greyfield: A Novel, Author: Katherine M Welch
Title: We Have Not Been Listening: The Awakening, Author: Ron Brown
Title: On Broken Pieces, Author: Joshua McClure
Title: Marinating Moments: Immersed in God's Rich Word, Author: Marc B. Knutson
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Title: The Gospel: A Redemption and Restoration Story, Author: Michael O'Dowd
Title: Beyond Tomorrow, Author: Autumn Jackson Counts

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