Title: The Genesis 6 Conspiracy: How Secret Societies and the Descendants of Giants Plan to Enslave Humankind, Author: Gary Wayne
Title: The Softer Side of Leadership: Essential Soft Skills That Transform Leaders and the People They Lead, Author: Eugene B. Habecker PhD
Title: God's Elect: The Chosen Generation, Author: John E. Chipman
Title: Biblical Economic Policy: Ten Scriptural Truths for Fiscal and Monetary Decision-Making, Author: David Arnott
Title: Any Way You Slice It: Getting to the Core to Discover God's Purpose, Author: Ricardo A. Richardson
Title: Crazy Church Ladies: The Priceless Story of an Unlikely Group Winning the War Against Trafficking, Author: Gwen Adams
Title: Behind the Shattered Church: The Hidden Forces Separating Us into Thousands of Denominations, Author: Willis Lawton
Title: Pawned: Redeeming Our God-Given Sexuality, Author: Gary Foshee
Title: The Best Is Yet to Come: Sermons Reflecting the Gift of Grace, Author: Walt Gerber
Title: Fatal Drift: Is the Church Losing its Anchor?, Author: Jim Jenkins
Title: Purify My Heart: A Dialogue with Jesus, Author: Isabelle Joye
Title: Obedient Nations: What's So Great about the Great Commission?, Author: Stephen M. Spaulding
Title: Made For Glory: In the Image and Likeness of God, Author: Joshua A. McClure
Title: The First Stone: A Novel, Author: Kim Pearson Wiese
Title: Manhood: Empowered by the Light of the Gospel, Author: Mike Hatch Pre-Order Now
Title: From Groaning to Owning: How to Possess What's Already Yours, Author: Gregg Dennington
Title: 1 and 2 Thessalonians on F.I.R.E., Author: Ken J. Burge Sr.
Title: Thorns and Roses of Greyfield: A Novel, Author: Katherine M Welch
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Title: StarPassage: Honor and Mercy: Book 3, Author: Clark Rich Burbidge
Title: The Infidel: The SS Occult Conspiracy, A Novel, Author: John Scott Gruner

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