Title: Trinity: Book 1, Author: Olivia Chase
#1 in Series
Title: Blood Sacrifice, Author: Avril Sabine
Title: She Who Hunts, Author: CL Parks
Title: El Jardin de los Extraviados, Author: Guido Leopardi Marcano
Title: Shane, Author: Melissa Bell
Title: Demon Hunters: Zen Lee And The Yellow Emperor, Author: Iestyn Long
Title: Ascension: Book 2, Author: Olivia Chase
#2 in Series
Title: Retribution, Author: Avril Sabine
Title: Within The Darkest Hollows, Author: D.A. Roach
Title: The Darkest War, Author: CL Parks
Title: The Book Of Morgan, Author: Jason K. Melby
Title: Tainted, Author: Avril Sabine
Title: Beneath a Sinister Moon, Author: D a Roach
Title: Demon Hunters: Love And Fire: Love & Fire, Author: Jason K. Melby
Title: Premonition, Author: Avril Sabine
Title: Cursed, Author: Avril Sabine
Title: Book Of Jericho: Hell On Earth, Author: Darren Sloan
Title: Feud, Author: Avril Sabine
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Title: Extrication, Author: Avril Sabine
Title: Demon Hunters 2: Retribution, Author: Avril Sabine

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