Title: Can't Buy Me Love
Director: Steve Rash
Title: Bridget Jones's Baby
Title: Mobsters
Title: Sweet Home Alabama
Director: Andy Tennant
Title: Chronicles of Narnia
Director: Alex Kirby
Title: Grey's Anatomy - Season 4
Title: Enchanted
Director: Kevin Lima
Title: Loverboy
Title: Made of Honor
Director: Paul Weiland
Title: Flypaper
Director: Rob Minkoff
Title: Malatesta's Carnival
Title: Coupe De Ville
Director: Joe Roth
Title: Blue Money
Title: Loverboy/Lucky Seven
Title: Brother Bear 2: The Moose Are on the Loose
Title: Bad Blood, Author: C R Dempsey
Title: Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman
Title: The Emperor's Club
Title: Shrieker
Director: Victoria Sloan
Title: Uprising: Two kingdoms, one wedding and the hangman's noose, Author: C. R. Dempsey

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