Title: What If We Were All The Same!: A Children's Book About Ethnic Diversity and Inclusion, Author: C.M. Harris
Title: My Affirmations Workbook: Activities for Boys and Girls That Build Self-Esteem and Values, Author: C.M. Harris
Title: Kaavl Conspiracy, Author: Jennette Green
Title: The Commander's Desire, Author: Jennette Green
Title: Beyond the Rapture, Author: Jennette Green
Title: Snowstorm: (Inspirational romance), Author: Jennette Green
Title: Gareth Gets a Job: A Picture Book about Courage and Not Giving Up, Author: C.M. Harris
Title: Just Because...: A Story Book About Self-Acceptance, Author: C.M. Harris
Title: Erin & Roderick Discover Families, Author: Fliss Goldsmith
Title: Lt Col John Withers, Civil War Confederate Officer, In His Own Words, Author: John Withers
Title: Unforgettable, Author: Madison Bailey
Title: Her Reluctant Bodyguard, Author: Jennette Green
Title: Bank of Allowance Givers: Raising Financially Savvy Children, Author: Lori Wolf
Title: Claiming Her Mates: Book One, Author: Dia Cole
Title: Claiming Her Mates: Book Three, Author: Dia Cole
Title: Claiming Her Beasts Book One, Author: Dia Cole
Title: Book Formatting for Self-Publishers, a Comprehensive How to Guide: Mac Edition 2020: Easily format print books and eBooks with Microsoft Word for Kindle, NOOK, IngramSpark, plus much more, Author: Jennette Green
Title: A Fish in a Tree: A Children's Rhyming Story, Author: Deborah C. Washington
Title: The Lonely Zebra: A Picture Book About Friendship and Anti-bullying, Author: C.M. Harris
Title: Let It Be Easy: poems and short stories of spiritual growth, love and nature, Author: Jesse Gourdet

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