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Title: Nikolai Evreinov:
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Title: Diogenes oder der Mensch als Hund, Author: Vincent Sorel
Title: Boogie Man: Der zweite Dewey-Decimal-Roman, Author: Nathan Larson
Title: Sokrates verlässt das Reich der Schatten, Author: Yan Marchand
Title: White Noise Ballrooms, Author: Stephen Barber
Title: W oder die Kindheitserinnerung, Author: Georges Perec
Title: Little Angel Street: Die Isaac-Sidel-Romane, 8/12, Author: Jerome Charyn
Title: Interim, oder: Die Zeit des Hammers, Author: Tom McCarthy
Title: Die Winterreise, Author: Georges Perec
Title: Dr. House, Author: Sarah Khan
Title: Der Souveränitätseffekt, Author: Joseph Vogl
Title: After the Crisis: Contemporary States of Photography, Author: Donatien Grau Pre-Order Now
Title: Homicide, Author: Dominik Graf
Title: Recessional - Or, the Time of the Hammer, Author: Tom McCarthy
Title: Heimlich, heimlich mich vergiss: Roman, Author: Angelika Meier
Title: Scripted Culture: Digitalization and the Cultural Public Sphere, Author: Ines Kleesattel
Title: Blue Eyes: Die Isaac-Sidel-Romane, 1/12, Author: Jerome Charyn
Title: Towards an Aesthetics of Production, Author: Sebastion Egenhofer
Title: Art and Contemporaneity, Author: Frank Ruda
Title: The Thought of Becoming: Gilles Deleuze's Poetics of Life, Author: Kathrin Thiele
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