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Title: Author's Pet (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Color Edition, Author: Deathco Cotorino
Title: An Even More Beautiful Lie (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Color Edition, Author: Kei Kanai
Title: Maniac Shorts Shot (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Edition, Author: Miya Ousaka
Title: Wolf Magic (Yaoi Manga), Author: Natsuki Zippo
Title: I Can Feel Your Hand (Yaoi Manga), Author: Asahi Shima
Title: Sea View (Yaoi), Author: Ayumi Kano
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Title: Caged Slave (Yaoi Novel), Author: Yuiko Takamura
Title: Sailor Men (Yaoi Manga), Author: Sakira
Title: Seven Days: Monday-Thursday (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Color Edition, Author: Venio Tachibana
Title: Apple and Honey (Yaoi Manga), Author: Hideyoshico
Title: Dash! (Yaoi), Author: Isaku Natsume
Title: Again Tomorrow (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Color Edition, Author: Nabako Kamo
Title: Warning! Whispers of Love (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Color Edition, Author: Puku Okuyama
Title: BLT Burning Love Twin (Yaoi Manga), Author: Jun Uzuki
Title: Yellow Omnibus Edition Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga) -Part 1 of 2-, Author: Makoto Tateno
Title: The Hentai Prince And Stony Cat (Shonen Manga), Author: Kantoku
Title: Only the Flower Knows Vol. 1 (Yaoi Manga) - Nook Color Edition, Author: Rihito Takarai
Title: Eternal Love (Yaoi Novel), Author: Mizumi Takaoka
Title: Little Darling (Yaoi Novel), Author: Matsuri Kouzuki
Title: Hide And Seek (Yaoi Manga), Author: Reibun Ike

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