Title: Weiyena Fengyun Jishi, Author: Kai Chang
Title: 华裔副总裁: 空降, Author: Sui Li
Title: 人在北美: 往事如烟, Author: Dongbo Su
Title: Love in Shanghai, Author: Ye Yuan
Title: A Bit of Our World, Author: Sarah Sun
Title: Juvenile Utopia, Author: Xianhua Xiong
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Title: Harvesting Humans, Author: Hong Zhou
Title: Expatriates, Author: Quan Zhang
Title: The World and I, Author: Raphael Tsu
Title: The Hardship of Youth and Now, Author: Maria Lixian Gee-Schweiger
Title: From a Chinese Flight Instructor to a Canadian Mushroom Farmer: Volume 3, Author: Songlin Zhou
Title: Revealed: Flowers in the Bible, Author: Shangyu Chen
Title: Trojan Rooster, Author: Quan Zhang
Title: Northern Maple, Author: Jessica Zhang
Title: 沥泉神枪: 记大宋铁匠的殊死发明(中册), Author: Zhong Liang
Title: A Memoir of Love in Connecticut, Author: Wei Wei
Title: Generation Mao: a Memoir; Volume 1, Author: Quan Zhang
Title: 同乐里五号, Author: Zhaorong Wang
Title: 夜空中的蛋黄: 红山玉短中篇小说集, Author: Qiumin Xin
Title: 王念祖詩集, Author: Nianzu Wang

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