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Title: From Kamit to the Stars, Author: Clavaire Elanga
Title: The Hebron Cross: An African American's Family Life During Twentieth Century Marlboro County, South Carolina: Book One, Author: Mary J. Ferguson
Title: Logical or Ludicrous: You Decide, Author: Martin Henrichs
Title: Nameless, Author: Jerry Beasley
Title: Movin' On and Beyond, Author: Betty Brown
Title: The Transition, Author: Phil Ward
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Title: Two Among the Righteous Few, Author: Marty Brounstein
Title: The Collection, Author: John Bumiller III
Title: A Smoldering Fire: Romain Gary's Memoir, Author: Jane Bonnard
Title: Alice the Alligator, Author: Bryce Larry King
Title: The Magic Staircase, Author: Marilyn Morrison
Title: The Principal: Traversing the High-Wire with No Net Below: 79 Places Where the High-Wire Can Be Greasy, Author: Don Sternberg
Title: The Navajo Code Talkers, Author: Doris A. Paul
Title: Life in the Fast Lane, Author: Jim Burton
Title: Dance Instructors' and Learners' Introduction to 22 Kinds of Dances: (Ballroom, Latin, Country & Western, Ethnic, and Line Dances), Author: Harold Bob Jones
Title: Will NASA Remember Me?, Author: Rodney Hall Dorsey
Title: The Spirit of Antichrist in the White House, Author: Donald R. Whitaker
Title: Still Searching, Author: Lorraine Ophelia Smith
Title: Pax et Bonum, Author: Rev. Msgr. Craig F. Harrison
Title: Cosmic Mysteries: The Elusive Path within Christianity, Author: Carol E. Parrish-Harra

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