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Title: A White Elephant for Christmas, Author: Ashley Edwards
Title: Caught in the Eye of the Storm: Fear, Dissension, and Insurrection in the Philippines, December 1989, Author: David L. Mathews
Title: Journey of a Mentalist!, Author: Bill Jean-Charles Sr.
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Title: My Nebraska: Rich Memories of Growing Up in Rural Nebraska Decades Ago, Author: Bob Wirz
Title: Tiffany The Termite, Author: Kimball Bradley
Title: Look What the Lord Has Done, Author: Cassandra Young Henson
Title: Heart of Diamonds, Author: Edward E Jones Jr
Title: Chaotic Reasoning, Author: Carter Ossian
Title: The Funny Side of 55+, Author: George C. Pieper
Title: Who Wants to be Friends With a Dragon?, Author: Linda Drattell
Title: Savage Travel: Memoir of a Beach Warrior, Author: G. Jurij Zebot
Title: My Feelings Are My Feelings, Author: Phyllis Andrews
Title: The Me in Me, Author: D Kay
Title: The Bureaucracy, Author: R. Siverene Hendrickson
Title: Nothing Concealed: Veiled Secrecy Will Be Brought To Light, Author: Jarrod Houston
Title: 2 Breaths, 2 Steps: Lost at Sea, Author: Bartley A. Skold
Title: PROETRY, THIS, Author: Priscilla Hazelett
Title: X's and O's for the Heart: 21 Game-Changing Devotionals that Coach the Heart Beyond the Huddle, Author: Mitch Mason
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Title: The Nomad Cook: Introduction to Culinary Cannabis, Author: Chef Travis Petersen
Title: A Grand Pause: A Novel on May 14, 1945, the USS Randolph, Kamikazes, and the Greatest Air-Sea Rescue, Author: Gary Santos

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