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Title: Journey of a Mentalist!, Author: Bill Jean-Charles Sr.
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Title: 2 Breaths, 2 Steps: Lost at Sea, Author: Bartley A. Skold
Title: Nothing Concealed: Veiled Secrecy Will Be Brought To Light, Author: Jarrod Houston
Title: Uncle Julius and the Science Gang, Author: Robert W. Sessoms M.D.
Title: A White Elephant for Christmas, Author: Ashley Edwards
Title: Now They Lay me Down to Rest, Author: Thomas Aiken
Title: I Love You: A Tale of Comfort Now & After the Loss of a Pet. A Helpful Tool for Parents to Address Death and Grief, Suitable for Children of All Ages, Author: Bunny Russell
Title: Journey to Forever, Author: Melvin L. Schoenberg
Title: Own the Pieces: The Heart-Felt Guide to Mental Performance, Author: Josiah Igono
Title: My Nebraska: Rich Memories of Growing Up in Rural Nebraska Decades Ago, Author: Bob Wirz
Title: Voyager: Volume I Revelations, Author: Juan B
Title: The Man Behind the General, Author: Tom Sarmento
Title: He Took a Piece of Me with Him: Echoes of What Once Was, Author: Suzanne Sigmund
Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis: When Intelligence Made a Difference, Author: Regis D. Heitchue
Title: The Gas Station Chronicles, Author: Henry Friedman
Title: Vierge: (virgin), Author: Gerlande Louis Jeune
Title: Just in Case...: I Forgot to Tell You, Author: Darnell D. Parr
Title: Count to Sleep, Author: Matthew Alexander Lemma
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Title: Dolphiño, Author: Eileen Marshall
Title: Caught in the Eye of the Storm: Fear, Dissension, and Insurrection in the Philippines, December 1989, Author: David L. Mathews

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