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Title: The Cuban Missile Crisis: When Intelligence Made a Difference, Author: Regis D. Heitchue
Title: Come to my garden and you will see..., Author: Cheryl Heath
Title: Chaotic Reasoning, Author: Carter Ossian
Title: Caught in the Eye of the Storm: Fear, Dissension, and Insurrection in the Philippines, December 1989, Author: David L. Mathews
Title: Flyin' Kai: A Pelican's Tale, Author: Duncan P. Forgey
Title: There's Tur-Bul-Lance Up There, Author: Frank Swaringen
Title: I Loved You Then and I'll Love You When, Author: Julie Metrejean
Title: It's Hard to Be a Black Man in America and Other African American Poems, Author: Elroy Alister Esdaille
Title: China Duel: A True Story of the Failed Coup in 2012 that Almost Avoided the Tyranny of the Xi Jingping Dictatorship, Author: Yang Xiang
Title: Traffic, Author: AJ Kasinger
Title: What a Long Strange It's Been, Author: Dr. Jeffrey W. Neal
Title: Make America Central Again: A Common Sense, Third Party Approach To Taking Back Our Country, Author: Matthew Burdett
Title: Paternal Poise, Author: Tonya Lockhart
Title: The Guyanese Slang Alphabet, Author: Edgar A. Henry
Title: Bumper Sticker Religion, Author: Michael D. Arena
Title: A Death at the Potawatomi Club, Author: Stephen Timbers
Title: Collection of Short Stories, Author: Israel Mandel
Title: Dolphiño, Author: Eileen Marshall
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Title: A Call to Share, Author: Zke Zimmerman
Title: In the Out Door (In Jail), Author: Charles Edward

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