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Title: Elephant in the Room, Author: Kristen Harper
Title: Adverse Possession, Author: Louis Jones
Title: Amish Park, Author: Thomas Nye
Title: Brothers-in-Arms: A World War II Story, Author: Jack Lewis Baillot
Title: Building Faith: A Romance Novel, Author: Josephine Elisabeth
Title: ReAwakening: The Power of the Gospel, Author: Dr. Bobby M. Wagner
Title: Nightmare in Times Square, Author: James Bouvier
Title: Finding the Magic: A Novella, Author: Jack Lewis Baillot
Title: The Next Thing: A Christian Model for Dealing with Crisis in Personal Life, Author: Cecil Taylor
Title: How to Find God When You've Looked Everywhere, Author: W. Dee Kennedy
Title: Jan's Sanctuary Walk, Author: Patricia Daniels
Title: The Abandoned Truth, Author: Crolie Lindsay
Title: A Hope and a Future, Author: Delores Kading
Title: Hallmark: Canada's 150th Anniversary, Author: Emily Isaacson
Title: Consequences of Divorce, Author: Barbara White Hege
Title: Ya Gotta Outmaneuver 'Em, Author: Thomas Beaudin
Title: But God, Author: Cori Kelly
Title: Wallflowers in the Kingdom, Author: Louis Jones
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Title: Faith Family Life: Life Changing Lessons from God and Family, Author: Marlan D. Cannon
Title: My Path to Praise: A Private Journey from Hell, Author: Rosalind Gail Smith

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