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Title: Nathan's Fate: A Novel, Author: Terra Lynee
Title: Brothers-in-Arms: A World War II Story, Author: Jack Lewis Baillot
Title: Mayhem at Magnolia Manor, Author: Holly Moulder
Title: Storm Clouds, Author: Simon Jonah Thomas
Title: Fresh Fruit: Meditations on the Fruit of the Holy Spirit, Author: Jennifer Chamberlain
Title: Prodigal in the City, Author: Louis Jones
Title: A Lifetime of Love, Author: Evelyn B. Lang
Title: More than a Great Partner, Author: Kleber Mbenoun
Title: Amish Park, Author: Thomas Nye
Title: The Wealth of Families, Author: Jack Ellis
Title: A Hope and a Future, Author: Delores Kading
Title: The Miracle of the Hermit Crab: The miracle given by Jesus to a young boy stricken with cerebral palsy, Author: Dwight G. Alexander
Title: Timmy's Spiritual Christmas, Author: Thomas Beaudin
Title: Consequences of Divorce, Author: Barbara White Hege
Title: My Path to Praise: A Private Journey from Hell, Author: Rosalind Gail Smith
Title: Cancer: Don't Drop the Mic!: Lessons Learned, Opportunities Opened, and Purposes Pursued on the Treatment Trail, Author: Cynthia Bartlett
Title: Faith Family Life: Life Changing Lessons from God and Family, Author: Marlan D. Cannon
Title: Daniel and the Serpent's Abyss: Sons and Daughters Book 3, Author: Nathan Lumbatis
Title: Ever So New, Author: Cheryl Phillip-Jordan
Title: Speed of Sight: A Superhero Adventure, Author: C.R. Flamingbush

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