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Title: Dead Boyfriends (McKenzie Series #4), Author: David Housewright
Title: Stealing the Countess (McKenzie Series #13), Author: David Housewright
Title: Tin City (McKenzie Series #2), Author: David Housewright
Title: A Hard Ticket Home (McKenzie Series #1), Author: David Housewright
Title: I Know Where You Sleep, Author: Alan Orloff
Title: The Damned Lovely, Author: Adam Frost
Title: The Devil Dogs of Belleau Wood, Author: Terrence McCauley
Title: Corrosion, Author: Jon Bassoff
Title: Back to Brooklyn, Author: Lawrence Kelter
Title: My Cousin Vinny, Author: Lawrence Kelter
Title: Land of 10,000 Thrills: Bouchercon Anthology 2022, Author: Greg Herren
Title: The One That Got Away, Author: Joe Clifford
Title: Three Kinds of Fool, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Countdown, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Bolt Action Remedy, Author: J.J. Hensley
Title: Blood Work, Author: Rick Ollerman
Title: The Bad Kind of Lucky, Author: Matt Phillips
Title: Beneath the Black Palms: Stories, Author: Nolan Knight
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Title: Dangerous Boys, Author: Greg F. Gifune
Title: Exacting Justice, Author: TG Wolff

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