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Title: The Fish That Saved Pittsburgh
Title: VIETNAM SNIPER HERO: Eric England, The Phantom Of Phu Bai, Author: Dr. J. Blair Turner
Title: The Power of Faith, Author: Dr. J.L. Williams
Title: Messages of Inspiration Volume II, Author: Dr J. L. Dr J. L. Williams
Title: The Power of Choice, Author: Dr J. L. Williams
Title: Women on Top: An Erotica Anthology, Author: RG Kerr
Title: I Remember Myrtle Beach When ...: A Collection of Local History, Personal Stories, Photographs and a Brief Biography of Dr. J. Marcus Smith, Author: Dr. J. Marcus Smith
Title: The Beautification of Ugly Feet, Author: Dr. J. Rene Carter
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Title: The Doctors' Clinic 30 Program: A Sensible Approach to losing weight and keeping it off, Author: Dr. J. T. Cooper
Title: Genetic Entropy and the Mystery of the Genome Classroom Edition, Author: Dr J. C. Sanford
Title: The Dead Sea Scrolls, Author: Dr. J. Randall Price
Title: An Everlasting Bond: The Story of a Father and His Son, Author: Dr. J. Ramirez Perez
Title: Essential Bible Background: What you should know before you read the Bible, Author: Dr. J. Carl Laney
Title: Emanuel Lasker; The Life of a Chess Master, Author: Dr. J. Hannak
Title: The Call of Africa: An Illustrated Travel Journal, Author: Dr J. William Allgood
Title: Fountain City: People Who Made a Difference: The history of Knoxville's most fiercely independent community in the stories of 56 extraordinary citizens, Author: Dr J.C. (Jim) Tumblin
Title: Learn to Do Pacts with the Devil and with other Demons. Get everything you want, Author: Dr J R.R Abrahao
Title: Double Bubble ( Hiccup's Hiccups, #2), Author: Dr J Alvarez
Title: Readings for the Daily Office from the Early Church, Author: Dr. J. Robert Wright
Title: Tenuous Ties: A Transgendered Couples Journey, Author: Dr. A.C. Ellison

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