Title: Kolea, Author: Russell Cahill
Title: The Complete Guide To Writing Fantasy, Author: Valerie Griswold-Ford
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Title: Sugar Scars, Author: Travis Norwood
Title: Daughter of Dragons, Author: Kathleen H. Nelson
Title: The Complete Guide To Writing Science Fiction, Author: David A. Law
Title: Complete Guide to Writing Fantasy Vol 2: The Opus Magus, Author: Tee Morris
Title: The Last Keeper (The Warminster Series, #1), Author: J.V. Hilliard
Title: Murder at Avedon Hill, Author: P. G. Holyfield
Title: The Anam Glyphs: The Oracle Cards of Lady Beautimus Pottamus, Author: Peggy A. Wheeler
Title: Vivid, Author: Andrea Murray
Title: The Complete Guide to Writing for Young Adults, Author: Gabrielle Harbowy
Title: Virtual Evil: Time Rovers ~ Book 2, Author: Jana G. Oliver
Title: Sojourn, Author: Jana G. Oliver
Title: Madman's Dance, Author: Jana Oliver
Title: The Dragon Reborn, Author: Kathleen H Nelson
Title: Rule of Vampire, Author: Duncan McGeary
Title: Death of an Immortal, Author: Duncan McGeary
Title: Blood of Gold, Author: Duncan McGeary
Title: The Art of Falling, Author: Dani Cojo
Title: The Lute and the Liar, Author: Rie Sheridan Rose

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