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Title: Fire and Sand, Author: Andrew Grey
Title: Fire and Glass, Author: Andrew Grey
Title: Rattlesnake, Author: Kim Fielding
Title: Rescue Us, Author: Andrew Grey
Title: Sean's Sunshine, Author: Amy Lane
Title: Second Go-Round, Author: Andrew Grey
Title: Stealing His Heart, Author: Bru Baker
Title: Rudolph the Rescue Jack Russell, Author: Andrew Grey
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Title: Winging It, Author: Ashlyn Kane
Title: Rescue Me, Author: Andrew Grey
Title: The Tech, Author: Amy Lane
Title: Lost and Found, Author: Andrew Grey
Title: A Matter of Time: Vol. 1, Author: Mary Calmes
Title: A Matter of Time: Vol. 2, Author: Mary Calmes
Title: Wishing on a Blue Star, Author: Jan Irving
Title: Dirty Bites, Author: Rhys Ford
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Title: Shirt, Author: Amy Lane
Title: Takoda and Horse, Author: Andrew Grey
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Title: Piece of Cake, Author: Mary Calmes
#6 in Series
Title: Rekindled Flame, Author: Andrew Grey

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