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Title: Murder in Wisconsin : Most Evil Serial Killers in Wisconsin History, Author: Jack Rosewood
Title: The Briley Brothers: The True Story of The Slaying Brothers: Historical Serial Killers and Murderers, Author: Dwayne Walker
Title: The Great Book of Crazy President Trivia: Interesting Stories of American Presidents, Author: Dwayne Walker
Title: The Vietnam War Trivia Book: Fascinating Facts and Interesting Vietnam War Stories, Author: Dwayne Walker
Title: Our Pastor Molested Me, Now What?: Interviews and essays about clergy Abuse, Author: Dwayne Walker
Title: The Wild Wild West In The Deep South: The Second Seminole War, Author: Dwayne Walker
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Title: The Last Fundamentalist: a novel by Dwayne Walker, Author: Dwayne Walker
Title: St. Clair's Defeat: The Indians Massacre of the American Army: The Native American Wars, Author: Dwayne Walker