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Title: Gaslight Gothic, Author: J. R. Campbell
Title: The Cockroach Crusade, Author: Arlene F. Marks
Title: The Relativity Bomb, Author: Arlene F. Marks
Title: The Otherness Factor: Sic Transit Terra Book 2, Author: Arlene Marks
Title: Bedlam Lost, Author: Jack Castle
Title: By the Light of Camelot, Author: J. R. Campbell
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Title: Tomorrow, Author: Merilyn Ruth Liddell
Title: Dark Sea Rising, Author: Barry Broad
Title: Endless Hunger, Author: Kevin Weir
Title: Bad Rock Beat Down, Author: Michael Prelee
Title: TransMIGRATIONS, Author: Eddie Louise
Title: The Devil Will Come, Author: Justin Gustainis
Title: The Patch Project, Author: Brittni Brinn
Title: Pick Your Teeth With My Bones, Author: Carrie Newberry
Title: Sticks and Stones, Author: Angele Gougeon
Title: Making the Rounds, Author: Allan  Weiss
Title: Tooth and Talon, Author: Alex Hernandez
Title: Poseidon & Cleito, Author: Andrew J. Peters
Title: Winter's End, Author: Trevor Melanson
Title: Cyan, Author: Syd Logsdon

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