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Title: Conrad's Century: The Past and Future Splendour, Author: Laura Davis
Title: Jewish Nobles and Geniuses in Modern Hungary, Author: William O. McCagg Jr.
Title: Guide to Polish Libraries and Archives, Author: Richard Casimir Lewanski
Title: Vienna Broadcasts to Slovakia, 1938-1939: A Case Study in Subversion, Author: Henry Delfiner
Title: Prime Minister Gyula Andrassy's Influence on Habsburg Foreign Policy, Author: Janos Decsy
Title: 1917 Revolution in Latvia, Author: Andrew Ezergailis
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Title: Ukraine in the United Nations: A Study in Soviet Foreign Policy, 1944-1950, Author: Konstantin Sawczuk
Title: Bessarabia and Bukovina, Author: Nicholas Dima
Title: Romania Between East and West: Historical Essays in Memory of Constantin C. Giurescu, Author: Radu Florescu
Title: Authoritarian Politics in a Transitional State, Author: William M. Batkay
Title: One Step Back, Two Steps Forward, Author: Michael Bruchis
Title: Bosnian Church: A Study of the Bosnian Church and Its Place in State and Society from the 13th to 15th Centuries, Author: John V.
Title: France in Greece During World War I: A Study in the Politics of Power, Author: Alexander S. Mitrakos
Title: National Minorities in Rumania: Change in Transylvania, Author: Elemer Illyes
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Title: Dunarea Noastra: Romania, the Great Powers, and the Danube Question, Author: Richard C. Frucht
Title: Greek Soviet Relations 1917-1941, Author: Andrew L. Oapantis
Title: East Central Europe in World War 1, Author: Wiktor Sukiennicki
Title: The Union of Lublin: Polish Federalism in the Golden Age, Author: Harry E. Dembkowski
Title: Jiri Menzel and the History of The Closely Watched Train, Author: Josef Skvorecky
Title: Continuity and Change in Austrian Socialism: The Eternal Quest for the Third Way, Author: Melanie A. Sully

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