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Title: Space Shuttle, Author: Michael Jay
Title: Pets, Author: Alice Fields
Title: Cars, Author: Michael Jay
Title: Military Planes, Author: David Jefferis
Title: Mars, Author: Dinah Moche
Title: Arms and Armor, Author: Frederick Wilkinson
Title: Satellites, Author: Alice Fields
Title: Satellites, Author: David Jefferis
Title: Monsters of the Mountains, Author: Jon Jameson
Title: Tanks, Author: Michael Jay
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Title: Computers, Author: Ian Richard
Title: Big Trucks, Author: Micheal Jay
Title: Horses and Foals, Author: Ellen Rabinowich
Title: The Moon, Author: Michael Jay
Title: Bicycles, Author: Alan Dahnsen
Title: Weather, Author: David Lambert
Title: Space, Author: Susan Harris
Title: The Moon, Author: Andrew Langley
Title: Spacecraft, Author: Andrew Langley
Title: Helicopters, Author: Susan Harris

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