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Title: Hana and the Golden Kenzan, Author: Jim Schell
Title: Jason and Elihu, Author: Shelley Fraser Mickle
Title: Messengers From a New World, Author: Reyna Aldrete
Title: The Adventures of Tom Sawyer (Illustrated) - An Original Classic (Mermaids Classics), Author: Mark Twain
Title: Quilt of Dreams, Author: Michael Markey
Title: Peter Pan (Mermaids Classics), Author: J. M. Barrie
Title: Foul Finnebog: A Norwegian Tale, Author: Rosemary Olson
Title: Casaday Girls, Book 2: The Creature Returns, Author: Michael Markey
Title: At the Premiere, Author: JoAnn S. Dawson
Title: Dinosaur Patrol: The First Journey, Author: G. A. Tupper
Title: The Girl That Lived In the Mirror, Author: Perry Ritthaler
Title: What Everyone Needs to Know Before They Grow Up!, Author: Eddie Phillips
Title: The Casaday Girls, Book 1: Super Kids, Author: Michael Markey
Title: Fire On Cory & Haley's Street, Author: Pete Adams
Title: Pee Wee the Christmas Tree, Author: George Wells
Title: Raising a Smile for Northern Ireland Children's Hospice, Author: Brian Bailie
Title: The Red Shoes, Author: Blago Kirof
Title: The Elf Brief - Book One of The Magi Charter, Author: Jordan David
Title: The Ballad of Billy Bean, Author: Ian Lewis
Title: The White Drake and Other Tales (Mermaids Classics), Author: Ann Scott-Moncrieff

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