Title: War in Space: Strategy, Spacepower, Geopolitics, Author: Bleddyn E. Bowen
Title: Early Rome to 290 BC: The Beginnings of the City and the Rise of the Republic, Author: Guy Bradley
Title: Rome and the Mediterranean 290 to 146 BC: The Imperial Republic, Author: Nathan Rosenstein
Title: Plasticity: The Promise of Explosion, Author: Catherine Malabou Pre-Order Now
Title: Chaste Value: Economic Crisis, Female Chastity and the Production of Social Difference on Shakespeare's Stage, Author: Katherine  Gillen
Title: Corpus Linguistics and the Description of English, Author: Hans Lindquist
Title: Heidegger's Ontology of Events, Author: James Bahoh
Title: The Celts: A History From Earliest Times to the Present, Author: Bernhard Maier
Title: Uncommon Alliances: Cultural Narratives of Migration in the New Europe, Author: Natasa Kovacevic
Title: An Introduction to Islamic Archaeology, Author: Marcus Milwright
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Title: The Politics of Armenian Migration to North America, 1885-1915: Migrants, Smugglers and Dubious Citizens, Author: David Gutman
Title: Gilles Deleuze's Transcendental Empiricism: From Tradition to Difference, Author: Marc Rölli
Title: Islam in Modern Turkey, Author: Kim Shively
Title: Patrick Geddes's Intellectual Origins, Author: Murdo Macdonald
Title: Columbo: Paying Attention 24/7, Author: David Martin-Jones
Title: Slaves and Highlanders: Silenced Histories of Scotland and the Caribbean, Author: David Alston
Title: Sayfo - An Account of the Assyrian Genocide, Author: Abed Mshiho Neman Qarabash
Title: The Jalayirids: Dynastic State Formation in the Mongol Middle East, Author: Patrick Wing
Title: Concise English-Scots Dictionary, Author: Scottish Language Dictionaries
Title: Shari'ah Compliant Private Equity and Islamic Venture Capital, Author: Fara Madehah Ahmad Farid

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