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Title: The Adventures of Isabel and Buddie Cover: Father's Dilemma, Author: Edward Ward
Title: The Greate Invention of Algebra: Thomas Harriot's Treatise on Equations, Author: Timothy Edward Ward
Title: Limited Activity and Occupation Sites: A Collection of Conference Papers, Author: Albert Edward Ward
Title: The Adventures of Isabel and Buddie Cover: It's How Isabel and Buddie Met, Author: Edward Ward
Title: Victory: The Spiritual Foundation for Success in Sports, Author: Mark Edward Ward
Title: Democratizing Japan: The Allied Occupation, Author: Robert Edward Ward
Title: Forgotten Places and Things: Archaeological Perspectives on American History, Author: Albert Edward Ward
Title: Japan's Political System, Author: Robert Edward Ward
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Title: Modern Political Systems - Europe: Great Britain, France, the German Federal Republic, the Soviet Union, Author: Roy C. Macridis
Title: Navajo Graves; An Archaeological Reflection of Ethnographic Reality, Author: Albert Edward Ward