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Title: God's ABCs, Author: Joan C. Benson
Title: Bumper Sticker Be-Attitudes, Author: Deb DeArmond
Title: Wrigley at the White House, Author: Karna Small Bodman
Title: Bridging the Mississippi: A Memoir of Racial Injustice and Missed Beads, Author: Sandra Baker Baron
Title: Before Your Birth Day, Author: Teresa Joyelle Krager
Title: 'Twas the Night Before Jesus, Author: Donna Wyland
Title: 5 Months Apart: A Story of Infertility, Faith, and Grace, Author: Kerstin Lindquist
Title: Do Your Best, Tess!, Author: Janet Morris Grimes
Title: To Steal Maggie's Heart, Author: Ronda Simpson
Title: Grieving Daughters' Club, Author: Andrea Bear
Title: When Skies Are Gray, Author: Leanne Lucas
Title: Falling Apart, Falling for You: Real Life And Romance for the 50+ Woman, Author: Chris Posti
Title: Be the Miracle, Author: Delores Liesner
Title: The Two-Cent Piece, Author: Dennis Conrad
Title: Song of Sugar Sands, Author: Debra Coleman Jeter
Title: Running Downwind, Author: Timothy Lewis
Title: Cleansed by Death, Author: Catherine Finger
Title: Kingdom Lost, Author: Dawn Shipman
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Title: Blessed Are the Meek: A Novel of Amish Science Fiction, Author: Amos Wyse
Title: The Tapestry of Trauma: Transforming the Tangles of Childhood Sexual Abuse into God's Masterpiece, Author: Donna S. Scott

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