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Title: Public-Private Partnerships: Background Papers for the U. S.-U. K. Conference on Military Installation Assets, Operations, and Services, Author: Ellen M. Pint
Title: Developing Headquarters Guidance for Army Installation Sustainability Plans in 2007, Author: Beth E. Lachman
Title: Employer Partnership Program Analysis of Alternatives, Author: Ellen M. Pint
Title: Defense Working Capital Fund Pricing in the Defense Finance and Accounting Service: A Useful, but Limited, Tool, Author: Edward G. Keating
Title: Improving Recapitalization Planning: Toward a Fleet Management Model for the High-Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicle, Author: Ellen M. Pint
Title: Helping Soldiers Leverage Army Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities in Civilian Jobs, Author: Jeffrey B. Wenger
Title: Active Component Responsibility in Reserve Component Pre- and Postmobilization Training, Author: Ellen M. Pint
Title: Sustaining Innovation in South Gate: A Framework for Restructuring City Government, Author: Brent R. Keltner
Title: Right Price, Fair Credit: Criteria to Improve Financial Incentives for Army Logistics Decisions, Author: Ellen M. Pint
Title: Strategic Sourcing: Theory and Evidence from Economics and Business Management / Edition 1, Author: Ellen M. Pint