Title: When the Tide is Low: 30 Days of Biblical Encouragement for Those Who Love the Ocean, Author: April F. Cooper
Title: Noel's Whispering Waters, Author: Denise Caldwell
Title: Semi-Final Musings: Reflections on a life lived 38 years in ministry, Author: Paul Hansen
Title: Destiny: Light In My Transgender Illusion, Author: Genny Kwaning
Title: John the Beloved Softcover, Author: Deborah Wyatt
Title: WHJD What Has Jesus Done: Inspiring Every Believer to Make a Great Commotion of the Great Commission, Author: Babbie Mason
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Title: Char's Gift: A Remarkable Story of Hope Through the Storms of Life, Author: Steve Harryman
Title: Out of the Holocaust, Author: Peter Volodja Boe
Title: Trains to Treblinka: A Novel, Author: Charles Causey
Title: Rural Odyssey: Growing up in the Country. Memories of Family, Faith, and Secrets, Author: R Leonard Carroll
Title: Decision at Fletcher's Mill: A Novel of the American Revolution, Author: David Caringer
Title: The Fields: Our Journey through Medicine, Mission, Life, and Faith, Author: Manh Dang
Title: The Art of Intimate Marriage: A Christian Couple's Guide to Sexual Intimacy, Author: Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen
Title: God Only Knows: Can You Trust Him With The Secret?, Author: Joe Camp
Title: The Train Before Dawn, Author: Janice Huszar
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Title: Precious Moments in Hell, Author: Charli
Title: I Was Broken, Too: Four Paths to Restore Battered Hope, Author: Barbara Higby
Title: Growing All the Wiser: Wisdom Tips from the Book of Proverbs, Author: Kyna Williams
Title: Jesus the Way and Truth to a Successful Happy Life!: Jesus: Four Steps that Lead to Peace, Joy, True Success, and Happiness., Author: Rick Nelson
Title: Genesis Financial Coach's Manual, Author: Chad Durniak

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