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Title: The Art of Intimate Marriage: A Christian Couple's Guide to Sexual Intimacy, Author: Tim and Dr. Jennifer Konzen
Title: The Sunflower Field, Author: Kaitlyn Corsiglia
Title: In God's Image: For Teenagers and New Believers, Author: Shirley  P. Soon
Title: Leah Unveiled: Your Best Life Later, Discovering Identity Stronger than the Struggle, Author: Michelle Kelso Kafer
Title: Fart Dad: The Case of the Toynado, Author: Pete Ziolkowski
Title: Trains to Treblinka: A Novel, Author: Charles Causey
Title: The Sparkle of His Eye: Discovering Beauty in the Broken, Author: Stefani Weatherford
Title: Hindsight: Seeing Clearly through the Veil of Deception, Author: Rhonda Taylor Madge
Title: Read My Thoughts: Finding GOD in my everyday, Author: Dottie Levin Wolfe
Title: Chasing Jesus: A 60 day devotional, Author: Cassie Downs
Title: Jerusalem Gates, Author: Kenrick H. Burgess
Title: 24k Life: Living Every Day Refined by God's Word, Author: LeeAnn Kirkindoll
Title: Small Group Dynamics for Dynamic Group Leaders, Author: Billie Davis
Title: Scars to Pearls: A Medical Healing and Spiritual Journey Through the Phases of Malignant Melanoma Stage IIIA Skin Cancer with Micro-Metastasis., Author: Lita M. Worthington
Title: Numb: Find Healing In Feeling, Author: Kay Gackle
Title: The Secrets of Suffering: The Biblical Formula to Understanding Suffering, Author: T.A. Nalian
Title: As She Is Dying, Author: Kevin Cain
Title: Who Did You Say That I Am?, Author: Jerry Hagee
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Title: Unicorn Dreams, Author: Lawrence Gordon
Title: Parenting with Gumption and Grit: 52 Must-Read Parenting Tips for Anyone Who Has Ever Loved a Child Enough to Want to Influence Their Future. . ., Author: Judy McCarver

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