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Title: Why Me?: Reasoning with Gods Sovereignty in the Midst of Suffering, Author: Kenneth D. Moore
Title: Solitary Man, Author: Eric Landfried
Title: Waiting While Dating: Christian Couples Who Kept God First From Courtship to Marriage, Author: Lindsey Holder
Title: War-Torn Heart, Author: Allison Wells
Title: Grace & Lavender, Author: Heather Norman Smith
Title: Hunter, Author: Joanna White
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Title: Should Any Calamity Befall, Author: Hannah Christensen
Title: Mindfire, Author: Allen Steadham
Title: Basketful of Broken Dishes, Author: Naomi Stutzman
Title: Rebuilding the Cajun Way, Author: Tina Hebert
Title: The River Keeper, Author: Sarah Martin Byrd
Title: Loving Grace, Author: April Smith
Title: Where in the World is Thailand?, Author: Margaret Davis Ledford
Title: Why Did you Choose Me?, Author: Katie Cruice Smith
Title: How Far Away is Heaven?, Author: Margaret Davis Ledford
Title: In His Hands: Reclaiming your life after Tragedy, Author: Leslie Ostrander
Title: Women of the Frontier, Author: Billy Kennedy
Title: Prophet of Hope, Author: Frederick Brotherton Meyer
Title: Well-Driven Nails: The Power of Finding Your Own Voice, Author: Byron Forrest Yawn
Title: Yes You Can!, Author: Keith Giles

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