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Title: The Other Three Sixteens, Author: Malinda Fugate
Title: The River Keeper, Author: Sarah Martin Byrd
Title: Choosing Him All Over Again: A Story of Romance and Redemption, Author: Juana Mikels
Title: A Sanctuary in Our Midst: Christmas Reflections on Jesus, Author: Karen L. Straszheim
Title: Where I Was Planted, Author: Heather Norman Smith
Title: Prodigal, Author: Daniel Burkhart
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Title: The Titanic's Last Hero: A Startling True Story That Can Change Your Life Forever, Author: Moody Adams
Title: The Journey, Author: Verity A. Buchanan
Title: Evocatus, Author: Burke Speed
Title: The Heart Changer, Author: Jarm Del Boccio
Title: Mission Hollywood, Author: Michelle Keener
Title: Jordan's World, Author: Allen Steadham
Title: The Cracking of Monday Egg, Author: B.T. Higgins
Title: Go God Go!, Author: Gene Krcelic
Title: Santa Claus for President, Author: Aaron Blanton
Title: Psalms of the Heart, Author: John Macbeath
Title: Why Did you Choose Me?, Author: Katie Cruice Smith
Title: What Is Revival, Author: G. J. Morgan
Title: Hunter, Author: Joanna White
Title: Blessed Are Ye: Talks on the Beatitudes, Author: Frederick Brotherton Meyer

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