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Title: The Teeth that Looked for a New Mouth: A Story of a Boy Who Didn't Like to Brush his Teeth, Author: Jill Jones
Title: Patient Penelope, Author: Terrica Joseph
Title: Love Hugs, Author: Lilian N Rout
Title: Kinderbuch: Die Z?hne, die einen neuen Mund suchten:Die Geschichte eines Jungen, der nicht gerne seine Z?hne putzte, Author: Jill Jones
Title: Alex's Compromising Curse: A Book About How To Compromise With Others, Author: Courtney Butorac
Title: The Talking Walking Winking Thinking Hairy Happy House, Author: Jennifer Ryan Woods
Title: Jada Sundae: And The Gumdrop Fairies Rescue, Author: Betricia Santiago-Blue
Title: Max Gets Inflexible: A Book About Staying Flexible, Author: Courtney Butorac
Title: La foret magique, Author: Souhila
Title: Kenny and the Cupcake Box, Author: Mari Lumpkin
Title: Emily and Daniel's First Dollar, Author: Amit Eshet
Title: Gotti, a Little Giant: A Dachshund's Tale, Author: Mrs. Itzel Machado
Title: Jack Gets Too Silly: A Book About When It's OK To Be Silly, Author: Courtney Butorac
Title: That's Not Fair!: A Book About How Fair Is Not Always Equal, Author: Courtney Butorac
Title: Journey to Jazzland, Author: Gia Volterra de Saulnier
Title: Lily Gets Bossy: A Book About Letting Others Lead, Author: Courtney Butorac
Title: Misha learns about Money: Learn to spend and save Money, Author: Namrata Agarwal
Title: Kisses in the Air, Are Always There!, Author: Danica Duclos-Bannister
Title: An Angel Named Elsa, Author: Elsa J. Stokes
Title: Selfish Little Bob, Selfish No More!, Author: Joyce Mitchell

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