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Title: Fragments, Author: Empedocles
Title: Empedocles: The Extant Fragments, Author: Empedocles
Title: The Fragments of Empedocles, Author: Empedocles
Title: Wear a Sprig of Thyme: Plant Spirit Magic and Healing, Author: Linda O. Rago
Title: The Poem of Empedocles: A text and translation with a commentary, Author: Brad Inwood
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Title: SCOD Economics: Alternative Economic Theories, Author: Drogo Empedocles
Title: Acerca de la naturaleza, Author: Empédocles
Title: Beautiful Organic Garden People: BOG Peeps, Author: Drogo Empedocles
Title: SCOD History of Philosophy: Part One, Author: Dr Drogo Empedocles
Title: Way Too Much: Successful Living, Author: Dr Drogo Hawthorn Empedocles Esq
Title: The Fragments of Empedocles: Tr. into English Verse by William Ellery Leonard (1908), Author: Empedocles
Title: Parmenides and Empedocles: The Fragments in Verse Translation, Author: Parmenides
Title: Empedocles: Extant Fragments, Author: Empedocles
Title: BOG Peeps: Beautiful Organic Garden People, Author: Drogo Empedocles
Title: Little Wyld Eyes: Tatou's Tale of How Baby Hebe Mud Came To Be, Author: Victoria Piccalily Bamber
Title: Harpers Faery Magic Bible: New-Age Testament & Neo-Pagan Scripture, Author: Drogo Empedocles
Title: Harpers Faery Poems: Odd Prose and Verse, Author: Drogo Empedocles
Title: Art Beyond Reality: Portfolio 1: My Art Work 1976-2012, Author: Walton Stowell
Title: Harpers Faery Outlaws: Harpers Faery Chronicles, Author: Drogo Empedocles