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Title: A Cheerleader's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment: a memoir in essays, Author: MB Caschetta
Title: Body and Bread, Author: Nan Cuba
Title: Crash Course: Essays From Where Writing and Life Collide, Author: Robin Black
Title: Play Pretty Blues, Author: Snowden Wright
Title: Trip Through Your Wires, Author: Sarah Layden
Title: Fourth Corner of the World, Author: Scott Nadelson
Title: Echolocation, Author: Myfanwy Collins
Title: The Surge, Author: Adam Kovac
Title: The Fifty-First State, Author: Lisa Borders
Title: Miracle Girls, Author: MB Caschetta
Title: Shambles, Author: Debra Monroe
Title: The Engine, Author: Richard Harrison Crist
Title: Lost, Almost, Author: Amy P. Knight
Title: The Digital Undergrad: Surviving and Thriving in the Online Education Universe: College and High School Workbook, Author: Victoria Barrett
Title: Between You and Me, Author: Scott Nadelson
Title: Ways to Spend the Night, Author: Pamela Painter
Title: Coconuts for the Saint, Author: Debra Spark
Title: These Are Our Demands: Stories, Author: Matthew Pitt
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Title: Spark, Author: Courtney Elizabeth Mauk
Title: Where You Live, Author: Andrew Roe

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