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Title: Fun Facts about Turtles!, Author: Carmen Bredeson
Title: The Louisiana Purchase: Would You Close the Deal?, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: The Life of Bessie Coleman, Author: Connie Plantz
Title: Poison Dart Frogs Up Close, Author: Carmen Bredeson
Title: The Man Who Invented the Ferris Wheel: The Genius of George Ferris, Author: Dani Sneed
Title: Bats After Dark, Author: Ruth O'Shaughnessy
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Title: Celebrating the Inauguration of Barack Obama in Pictures, Author: Jane Katirgis
Title: Can You Find These Rocks?, Author: Carmen Bredeson
Title: Courageous Children and Women of the American Revolution, Author: John Micklos Jr.
Title: Hilarious Huge Animal Jokes to Tickle Your Funny Bone, Author: Felicia Lowenstein Niven
Title: Richard King, Author: William R. Sanford
Title: My Mouth, Author: Brian Enslow
Title: The Return, Author: Jennifer Torres
Title: The Disappearing, Author: Jennifer Torres
Title: The Battle, Author: Jennifer Torres
Title: Super Sports Star Peyton Manning, Author: Ken Rappoport
Title: Virginia: A Myreportlinks.COM Book, Author: Kim A. O'Connell
Title: Bringing Photos, Music, and Video into Your Web Page, Author: Gerry Souter
Title: North Carolina: A Myreportlinks. COM Book, Author: Judy Alter
Title: Bush VS. Gore: Controversial Presidential Election Case, Author: Diana K. Sergis

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