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Title: Liberty's Son: A Spy Story of the American Revolution, Author: Paul B. Thompson
Title: Copernicus: Founder of Modern Astronomy, Author: Catherine M. Andronik
Title: The Life of Bessie Coleman, Author: Connie Plantz
Title: Goats on the Family Farm, Author: Chana Stiefel
Title: Plants Grow!, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: Fantastic Feet Up Close, Author: Melissa Stewart
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Title: Lions Up Close, Author: Carmen Bredeson
Title: Every Little Bad Idea, Author: Caitie Mckay
Title: Amazing Cherokee Writer Sequoyah, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: Kevin Garnett: All-Star on and off the Court, Author: J. Chris Roselius
Title: How Do I Stay Safe From Cyberbullies?, Author: Tricia Yearling
Title: Women Winning the Right to Vote in United States History, Author: Carol Rust Nash
Title: Poison Dart Frogs Up Close, Author: Carmen Bredeson
Title: Washington's Crossing the Delaware and the Winter at Valley Forge-Through Primary Sources, Author: John Micklos
Title: Duke Ellington: I Live with Music, Author: Carin T. Ford
Title: The Return, Author: Jennifer Torres
Title: Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrim Adventure in American History, Author: Judith Edwards
Title: Poop Collectors, Armpit Sniffers, and More: The Yucky Jobs Book, Author: Silverstein
Title: Antoni Van Leeuwenhoek: Genius Discoverer of Microscopic Life, Author: Lisa Yount
Title: Are You Downloading Copyrighted Stuff?, Author: Sherri Mabry Gordon

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