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Title: The Story of the Little Rock Nine and School Desegregation in Photographs, Author: David Aretha
Title: When Dolphins Mourn, Author: Linda Bozzo
Title: Crispus Attucks: A Hero of the American Revolution, Author: Charlotte Taylor
Title: When Parrots Speak, Author: Linda Bozzo
Title: What Is Braille?, Author: Deborah Kent
Title: Insect or Spider?, Author: Melissa Stewart
Title: A Complete Guide to Judo, Author: Roberto Ghetti
Title: Drones: Remote-Controlled Warfare, Author: Judy Silverstein Gray
Title: Preventing Cruel and Unusual Punishment: The Eighth Amendment, Author: Hallie Murray
Title: Freedom of Speech, the Press, and Religion: The First Amendment, Author: John Rokutani
Title: How Abraham Lincoln Fought the Civil War, Author: Laura Helweg
Title: Earth Day, Author: Joanna Ponto
Title: Being a Good Citizen, Author: Joanna Ponto
Title: The Grassland Biome, Author: Colin Grady
Title: A Complete Guide to Karate, Author: Stefano Di Marino
Title: Electricity and Magnetism Science Fair Projects, Revised and Expanded Using the Scientific Method, Author: Robert Gardner
Title: Spy Codes and Ciphers, Author: Susan K. Mitchell
Title: An Overview of the American Revolution-Through Primary Sources, Author: John Micklos
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Title: Understanding the Brain, Author: Joanne Randolph
Title: 1970s from Watergate to Disco, Author: Stephen Feinstein

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