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Title: Shark or Dolphin?: How Do You Know?, Author: Melissa Stewart
Title: Caught in the Haze, Author: Sandi Van
Title: Not Hungry, Author: Kate Karyus Quinn
Title: When Dolphins Mourn, Author: Linda Bozzo
Title: Crispus Attucks: A Hero of the American Revolution, Author: Charlotte Taylor
Title: When Parrots Speak, Author: Linda Bozzo
Title: Clear Cut, Author: Melody Dodds
Title: Teen Victims of the Nazi Regime, Author: Hallie Murray
Title: Teenage Resistance to the Nazi Regime, Author: Hallie Murray
Title: U.S. History in Review (Set), Author: Sadie Silva Pre-Order Now
Title: Can Mars Support Life?, Author: Sophie Washburne Pre-Order Now
Title: Escaping Nazi Atrocities, Author: Hallie Murray
Title: What's the Truth about Ufos?, Author: Jennifer Lombardo Pre-Order Now
Title: Hiding from the Nazis, Author: Hallie Murray
Title: Right on Cue, Author: Sabine Bradley Pre-Order Now
Title: Predators and Prey, Author: Theresa Emminizer Pre-Order Now
Title: Inside the Department of Agriculture, Author: Jennifer Peters
Title: The Same Blood, Author: M. Azmitia
Title: Who Invented the Ferris Wheel? George Ferris, Author: Sara L. Latta
Title: How Wolves Grow Up, Author: Linda Bozzo

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