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Title: Booga Blast, Author: Susan Berran
Title: The Disappearing: The Briny Deep Mysteries Book 1, Author: Jennifer Torres
Title: Hispanic Heritage Month, Author: Sadie Silva
Title: The Life of George Washington Carver: Inventor and Scientist, Author: Barbara Kramer
Title: The Battle: The Briny Deep Mysteries Book 3, Author: Jennifer Torres
Title: Billie Eilish, Author: Nora Gardiner
Title: Zoe Kravitz, Author: Nora Gardiner
Title: Post-Impressionism, Author: Emilie Dufresne
Title: Contemporary Art, Author: Emilie Dufresne
Title: When Dolphins Mourn, Author: Linda Bozzo
Title: Amazing Champion of the Earth Rachel Carson, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: Emma Watson: Actress and Activist, Author: Kathy Furgang
Title: When Parrots Speak, Author: Linda Bozzo
Title: Fifteen and Change, Author: Max Howard
Title: Just Maybe, Author: Cyn Bermudez
Title: Reading and Interpreting the Works of F. Scott Fitzgerald, Author: Eva Weisbrod Geertz
Title: Second in Command, Author: Sandi Van
Title: More Than Anger, Author: Lexi Bruce
Title: Wolves After Dark, Author: Heather Moore Niver
Title: The Bad Kids in 4B, Author: Enslow Publishing

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