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Title: The 1970s From Watergate to Disco, Author: Stephen Feinstein
Title: Booker T. Washington: Leader and Educator, Author: Patricia C. McKissack
Title: Benjamin Harrison: A Book, Author: Jeff C. Young
Title: The Plymouth Colony and the Pilgrim Adventure in American History, Author: Judith Edwards
Title: Jealousy: Triumphing Over Rivalry and Envy, Author: Karla R. Dougherty
Title: You Can Write Using Good Grammar, Author: Jennifer Rozines Roy
Title: The Big Deal About Alcohol: What Teens Need to Know About Drinking, Author: Marilyn Mcclellan
Title: Adolf Eichmann: Executing the
Title: Earth Day Crafts, Author: Carol Gnojewski
Title: Predatory Drugs = Busted!, Author: Elizabeth Russell Connelly
Title: Syria in the News: Past, Present, and Future, Author: Tony Zurlo
Title: J. K. Rowling: Author of Harry Potter, Author: Karen Leigh Harmin
Title: Peanut Butter, Milk, and Other Deadly Threats: What You Should Know About Food Allergies, Author: Sherri Mabry Gordon
Title: LeBron James: King On and Off the Court, Author: Ken Rappoport
Title: Walt Disney: Genius of Entertainment, Author: Judith Pinkerton Josephson
Title: Julius Caesar: Ruler of the Roman World, Author: Zachary A. Kent
Title: Sigmund Freud: Exploring the Mysteries of the Mind, Author: John Bankston
Title: Adding Puppies and Kittens, Author: Patricia J. Murphy
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Title: Subtracting Puppies and Kittens, Author: Patricia J. Murphy
Title: Nifty Thrifty Music Crafts, Author: Felicia Lowenstein Niven

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