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Title: Sweet Sugar, Author: John Wood
Title: Rain, Author: Harriet Brundle
Title: LeBron James: Basketball Superstar, Author: Rita Santos
Title: Frog or Toad?: How Do You Know?, Author: Melissa Stewart
Title: Flowers Bloom!, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: Pesky Parasites, Author: William Anthony
Title: The Mighty Stegosaurus, Author: Natalie Humphrey
Title: Girls on the Basketball Team, Author: Beth Gottlieb
Title: Foul Fungi, Author: William Anthony
Title: How Eagles Grow Up, Author: Heather Moore Niver
Title: Amazing President Theodore Roosevelt, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: What Is St. Patrick's Day?, Author: Elaine Landau
Title: Donald Glover, Author: Hayley Norris
Title: Amazing Arctic Explorer Matthew Henson, Author: Mary Dodson Wade
Title: The Story of the Minotaur, Author: Anna Collins
Title: Baby Snow Animals, Author: Jane Katirgis
Title: Post-Impressionism, Author: Emilie Dufresne
Title: The Story of Frankenstein, Author: Simon Pierce
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Title: Oprah Winfrey: Businesswoman and Actress, Author: Kathy Furgang
Title: What Is Thanksgiving?, Author: Elaine Landau

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