Title: Mrs. Malory and the Festival Murder, Author: Hazel Holt
Title: Two Old Women: An Alaska Legend of Betrayal, Courage, and Survival, Author: Velma Wallis
Title: What Happened in Craig: Alaska's Worst Unsolved Mass Murder, Author: Leland E. Hale
Title: Murder on Campus, Author: Hazel Holt
Title: Raising Ourselves / Edition 7, Author: Velma Wallis
Title: The Cruellest Month, Author: Hazel Holt
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Title: Badges, Bears, and Eagles: The True-Life Adventures of a California Fish and Game Warden, Author: Steven T. Callan
Title: Murder in the Crooked Eye Brewery (Marcie Rayner Series #1), Author: J.C. Eaton
Title: A Student Guide to Chaucer's Middle English, Author: Peter G. Beidler
Title: Women's Voices from the Oregon Trail, Author: Susan G Butruille
Title: Sticks & Stones, Author: R. Franklin James
Title: Gone Away, Author: Hazel Holt
Title: The Alaska Heritage Seafood Cookbook, Author: Ann Chandonnet
Title: We Live in Alaska, Author: Constance Helmericks
Title: We Fought the Road, Author: Christine McClure
Title: Good Time Girls of the Alaska-Yukon Gold Rush: A Secret History of the Far North, Author: Lael Morgan
Title: The Shortest Journey, Author: Hazel Holt
Title: We Live in the Arctic, Author: Constance Helmericks
Title: On the Edge of Nowhere, Author: James Huntington
Title: Superfluous Death, Author: Hazel Holt

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