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Title: Ten Feet Tall and Bulletproof, Author: Judy Ferguson
Title: Mistress of Music: Grace, Author: Evelyn Richardson
Title: Steal Away, Author: V. M. Burns
Title: Alaska's Deadly Dozen, Author: Tom Brennan
Title: Fragmented, Author: George Fong
Title: Rough Ride, Author: Paulla Hunter
Title: Snowed Under Murder, Author: Kathryn Long
Title: Lethal Legacies, Author: Colleen Shogan
Title: When We Meet Again, Author: Carla Kelly Pre-Order Now
Title: Ballistics at the Ballet, Author: B. J. Bowen
Title: Derailed, Author: Mary Keliikoa
Title: Sleeping Lady, Author: Sue Henry
Title: Music is Murder, Author: B. J. Bowen
Title: Deadfall, Author: Sue Henry
Title: Beneath the Ashes, Author: Sue Henry
Title: The Case of the '61 Chevy Impala, Author: Tom Meschery Pre-Order Now
Title: Dancing with the Muse in Old Age, Author: Priscilla Long Pre-Order Now
Title: Dead Write, Author: Susan C. Richards
Title: Suspension of the Rules, Author: Don Stuart
Title: Northwest Epic, Author: Heath Twichell

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