Title: Unlikely Heroes, Author: Carla Kelly
Title: The Necklace, Author: Carla Kelly
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Title: Boarding with Murder, Author: Kathryn Long
Title: Murder at Classy Kitchens, Author: J. C. Eaton
Title: Denied, Author: Mary Keliikoa Pre-Order Now
Title: Rat City, Author: Curt Colbert
Title: Her Smile, Author: Carla Kelly Pre-Order Now
Title: Steal Away, Author: V . M. Burns
Title: The Case of the Missing Game Warden, Author: Steven T. Callan Pre-Order Now
Title: A Murder is Forever, Author: Rob Bates
Title: Peppermint Cream Die, Author: Carol  E Ayer
Title: Dead as a Duck, Author: Colleen J. Shogan Pre-Order Now
Title: Derailed, Author: Mary Keliikoa
Title: Death oif a Coupon Queen, Author: Jenna Harte Pre-Order Now
Title: Skeleton Key, Author: Reed Bunzel
Title: Mistress of Fashion: Juliette, Author: Evelyn Richardson
Title: A Pre-existing Condition, Author: Gene Rontal
Title: Sister City, Author: Ian Woollen
Title: Should Grace Fail, Author: Priscilla Paton
Title: Death on Sacred Ground, Author: Kathie Deviny

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