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Title: B Plus: Dancing for Mikhail Baryshnikov at American Ballet Theatre: A Memoir, Author: Michael Langlois
Title: Atlantis Revisited, Author: I.A. Graef
Title: I Know This Looks Bad: Errors and Graces in a Louche Life, Author: JPV Oliver
Title: Karl, Author: Ginger Simms
Title: Lyme Rage: A Mother's Struggle To Save Her Daughter from Lyme Disease, Author: Mindy Haber
Title: A Life Rebuilt: The Remarkable Transformation of a War Orphan, Author: Sylvia Ruth Gutmann
Title: Voluntarily Stopping Eating and Drinking: My Wife's Ordeal, Author: Raymond D. Smith
Title: Anger in the Classroom: Finding Freedom from Anger: A Handbook for Teacher and Learner, Author: Glenn Nystrup M.S.
Title: In Search of Space and Thyme, Author: D.E. Munson
Title: Ego: The Ghost in Your Machinery, Author: Louis    D. Cox Ph.D
Title: Wasted, Author: Biff Thuringer
Title: Tesla the Sheltie in Doggie Dreams, Author: Rachel Kleinman
Title: Waking Up on the Couch, Author: Beth Miller Ph.D.
Title: Love's Last Madness: Poems on a Spiritual Path, Author: Darshan Singh
Title: Cu tìa avissi avutu furtezza e Casteddu: With You I Could Have Had Fortress and Castle: A Life in Poetry, Author: Carmela Galante
Title: Love in a Paper Bag, Author: Jillian Richards
Title: The Human Condition: Once Upon a Time There Were Civilizations, Author: Mehran Ph.D Vajdi
Title: Anger in the Classroom, Author: Glenn Nystrup M.S.
Title: Far Cry, Author: Sigrid Heath
Title: Confessions of a Bar Brat: Growing Up in Rosendale, New York: A Memoir, Author: Judith A. Boggess

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