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Title: 39 Stripes: 39 Men's devotionals to strip away every man's flesh - one stripe at a time, Author: wade b. mumm
Title: The Destiny's Series. The Complete Trilogy (Destiny's Trilogy), Author: Victoria Saccenti
Title: Grieving the Unexpected: The Suicide of a Son, Author: Dr Gary LeBlanc
Title: I Am The Alpha And The Omega, Author: Frank Wade
Title: Dread Champions of the King: The Humble Beginning, Author: Frostie Hall
Title: Fresh Awakening: Ten Discoveries That Strengthen Our Relationship with God, Author: Serena Weekes
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Title: Memoirs of a Teenage Angel, Author: Sandra Wilkerson
Title: World of Colored Threads, Author: Nance Ann Kindlinger Stamper
Title: Worship in Freedom, Author: Ellen Taricani
Title: Teach the Children to Dance, Author: Orlando Ceaser
Title: The Great Curse Reversal, Author: Todd Gaddis
Title: The Old Testament Conceals What the New Testament Reveals: New Testament References Found in the Old Testament, Author: Patty Frase Metcalf
Title: It's Supposed to Kill You: My Journey on the Highway of Holiness, Author: Dorothy Jane Lee
Title: Simple Forgiveness, Author: Sharon Routt
Title: The Profile of a Worshiper: Characteristics That Demonstrate That You Are in a Love Relationship with God, Author: Audrey Pryor-Mouizi
Title: I'm Just an Illinois Farm Boy, Author: Gary Ifft
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Title: Bless Your Little Heart, Author: Sue C. Hart
Title: Prayer Changes Lives, Author: Rev. Dr. Nattalee Solomon-James
Title: All Roads Lead Somewhere: A Journey Through the Apostle's Creed, Author: Stefano Piva
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Title: It Is Finished, Author: Laurence Croswell

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